November 2020 Municipal Authority Meeting


Agenda/ New Wilmington Municipal Authority

November 2020 Electronic Meeting

To Be Conducted by E-Mail Exchange

November 16, 2020


Issued for Review/Public Posting: 11-7-20

Revised: 11-8-20

Final Revisions: 11-10-20


Authority Members: Mr. Steve Singer, Mr. Tom Taylor, Mr. Dennis Miller, Mr. Stanton Fleming, Mr. Kurt Crytzer




A draft monthly agenda will be issued one-week prior to the meeting to Authority members and other related parties for review and online discussion. At the same time, this agenda will be posted on the Boro website to provide opportunities for public input.


The monthly meeting date (November 16, 2020) marks the beginning of a three-day period for Authority members to vote on individual items via email (Monday thru Wednesday, November 16-18, 2020). Individual votes will be recorded in the official minutes and non-responses will be recorded as absences,


After or as Action Items have been issued for voting, updates will be distributed for informational purposes.




Action Items (Require Vote or Acknowledgment)


I), Minutes of Previous Meeting (Vote Needed)

Mr. Steve Singer, to be forwarded by email for individual response


II). October Financial Report (Vote Needed)

Mr. Kurt Crytzer, to be forwarded by email for individual response


III). Prospective New Motion: Modification of Upcoming Meeting Schedule Through June 2021

Mr. Tom Taylor, to be forwarded by email for individual response


I move that the December 2020 monthly meeting be moved back one week to Monday, December 14, and that a January 2021 meeting be added and scheduled on Monday, January 21. All other meetings (February, March, April, May, June 2021 will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month).

Rationale (TT, 11-8-20): The December meeting is too close to the Christmas holidays even though we are conducting by email. And since e-mail meetings are harder to conduct, adding a January 2021 meeting will keep it manageable and the three-day window allows observance of Martin Luther King Day.



IV), Prospective New Motion: Adoption of 2021 Annual Budget at 2020 Levels

Mr. Tom Taylor, To be forwarded by email for individual response


I move that the 2020 Annual Budget be renewed without change as the 2021 Annual Budget (ie. no rate increase, same budgeted expenditures for all operating lines, etc.)


Rationale (TT, 11-8-2020): This is simple and I want to be sure we have formally adopted a budget going into next year; also not sure worth the trouble trying to predict revenues/expenses with school and college openings, closings, partial operations, etc.



V). Prospective New Motion: Authorization for Use of Supplemental Reserve Funds for Pending and New Capital Projects in 2021.

Mr. Tom Taylor, To be forwarded by email for individual response


I move that reserve funds may be utilized (in addition to 2021 Annual Operating Budget Capital Expenditure) as needed up to a maximum of $750,000 for the completion of pending and new capital projects in 2021.  


Rationale: In addition to the currently underway Lincoln/Waugh joint water-sewer project (ext. 160K, most expenses to fall after new year) we had discussed completing the Maple e Street project (new line from base of Hoyt “up the hill” (est. 350K if I recall) and the short stretch of line of North Market Street (Tavern intersection) to Church Street (estimate 150K if I recall).


Question: Are there any street paving projects the Boro is planning to do next year that we should piggy back onto?


VI). Prospective New Motion: Approval of Maple Street/Church Street Project(s) Design Work:

Mr. Tom Taylor, To be forwarded by email for individual response


I move that HRG Engineering be authorized to do final design/documentation for the Maple Street and Church Street projects in anticipation of a late winter 2021 bid schedule.


Rationale (TT, 11-8-20): We had discussed these projects as our next priority and usually bid projects in the winter.



VII). Prospective New Motion: Compensation Increase for S&S Specialties (Mr. Steve Singer) for Backflow Prevention Device Compliance Program (posted 11-9-2020)


Mr. Tom Taylor, to be forwarded by email for individual response


I move that S&S Specialties (a part-time business conducted by Authority member Mr. Steve Singer) hourly rate of compensation be increased from $20 to $30 per hour for the conduct of the Authority Backflow Prevention Device and related/similar compliance programs.


Rationale: S&S Specialties is a long-time, part-time business created and conducted by Mr. Steve Singer, Authority Secretary, solely to executive Authority compliance programs and saves the Boro administrative costs by overseeing all of the compliance requirements of the state-mandated Backflow Prevention Device requirement. This includes monitoring installation at commercial properties and when residential properties change ownership, the sending of registered letters associated with the same, tracking completed installations from area plumbers, and the levying of Authority penalties for non-compliance. There is a lot to “stay on top of” on a daily basis and the work goes beyond what would be expected of a non-paid, volunteer Authority member. Mr. Singer has not received an hourly rate increase for many years and incurs many expenses (home computer use, paper, mailings, etc.) from his hourly rate. It is a bargain!


VIII). Ratification of Past Actions (Votes Needed)

Mr. Tom Taylor, to be forwarded by email for individual response to all items in a single email (example: I vote yes for items A-B, but no on-C)

None at this time


IX). Water Quality/Safety/Compliance/Other Current Issues (Acknowledgement Needed)

Mr. Brad Latimer, Director of Public Works


Informational Updates (No formal action needed)


IX). Backflow Prevention Devices and Other Compliance Issues (No Vote Required On This Item per SS)

Mr. Steve Singer

Contact the above for most current update


XI). Project Updates: Lincoln Street-Waugh Avenue Water/Sewer Project

Mr. Brad Latimer and Mr. Matt Arena, Consulting Engineer

XII). WC/Authority Soccer-Lacrosse Field Ownership Agreement

Mr. Matt Arena and Mr. Charley Mansell

In progress, completion expected in November/December


XII). WC/Authority Master Ownership Agreement (to include Lower Hoyt/Maple Street to S. Market Street)

Mr. Matt Arena and Mr. Charley Mansell

In progress, completion expected in November/December


VII). Edgewood Apartments (Rt. 208E) Water Line Extension Inquiry

Mr. Brad Latimer and Mr. Matt Arena

Area Aqua representative has been contacted by BL. No response to date.


X). Next E-Mail Meeting: Monday, December 14, 2020  







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