Seeking Full Time Borough Administrator/Treasurer

Seeking Full Time Borough Administrator/Treasurer

New Wilmington Borough population 2266, approximately $5 M budget having 14 full time and 20 seasonal part time employees is seeking a professional administrator and treasurer.

New Wilmington Borough provides electric, water, and sewer services to its residents and property owners. The Borough is home to Westminster College and the Wilmington Area School District.

The candidate for this position should possess a degree or associate degree in public administration, finance, accounting, business administration or a closely related field and five years of experience as a municipal administrator or assistant.

Candidate must demonstrate skills in municipal financial/personnel administration/management and be comfortable with technology.

A complete job description is available at the Borough’s website:

Salary will be based upon qualifications and experience. Interested applicants should send electronic cover letter, resume, salary history and three professional references to: Sharonn Edmiston at


  • Council Administrator/Treasurer works under the supervision and at will of Borough Council
  • Implement policies as set by Council.
  • Liaison on behalf of Council between local, state and federal agencies.
  • Oversee concerns of Volunteer Fire Department, all personnel, special boards such as Planning and Zoning, Zoning Hearing Board, Municipal Authority, Civil Service Commission, residents and local civic organizations
  • Manage complaints personnel and public
  • Manage safety and security of municipal buildings
  • Must have excellent communication and interpersonal effectiveness with degree of confidentiality
  • Must be bonded
  • Supervise and be responsible for the day to day activities of all Borough Departments. Communications daily with Chief of Police regarding status of Borough operations or concerns.
  • Assist Council as personnel officer with hire, suspend, discharge or discipline of non uniform employees. Involved where needed with uniform employees Management of bargaining unit contract
  • Assist Finance Chair and department committees with budget preparations
  • Meet with auditors regarding financial transactions, decisions and procedures (ie. DCED finances of general fund, Auditor General pension funds uniform and non uniform, PennDOT )
  • Oversee preparations of various tax filings, annual and municipal financial reports required both State and Federal agencies deadlines
  • Monitor records from Berkheimer for employers and residents for Earned Income , LST, and OP.
  •   Review insurance coverages and meet with agent. Follow up with liability and workers compensation claims, police professional. Acquire quotes by providing overall operations of all department data
  • Monitor all employees PA Driver’s License on annual basis responsible for operating any Borough owned vehicle and equipment. This would include CDL compliance.
  • Develop and maintain manuals, instructions, forms, reports, records as needed to carry out responsibilities
  • Serve as Treasurer and Council Administrator for Borough of New Wilmington
  • Execute and enforce the ordinances and resolutions of the Borough which may result in attendance at court hearings.
  • Provide update ordinances to General Code for codification of the Code of Ordinances periodically.
  • Attend all meetings at request of Council including committee meetings, or with individual members of council which at times requires meetings outside the workday schedule
  • Prepare agenda for each meeting of Council with the President and supply all necessary documents pertinent to make informed decisions or  discussions
  •  Make recommendations to Council as necessary
  • Submit to Council monthly, quarterly and yearly reports regarding financial and administrative status.
  • Secure and monitor contract requirements, compliance with permits, franchises, licenses, certifications required of employees
  • Employ with the approval of Council, professional experts and consultants to perform work and to advise in connection with any of the functions of the Borough and to oversee letting of contracts meeting legal and liability requirements of Borough Code and Commonwealth Law.
  • Work with Borough Solicitor and Labor Attorney
  • Monitor the financial and performance progress of all contracts for service
  • Secure all utility payments to the Borough of all monies owed and that proper procedures are followed in securing and collections.
  • Review reports submitted by billing clerk for accuracy and monitor reading consumptions and receipts in comparison with expenses of same. Monitor monthly, quarterly, year to year.
  • Purchasing officer of the Borough and purchase, in accordance with the provisions of the Borough Code, all supplies and equipment for various boards, departments and others. Includes supervision over department purchases with invoices and statements verification
  • Report maintenance issues to Superintendent – work with Superintendent and keep in close communications regarding Borough maintenance, projects and budget.
  • Present account of purchases upon request of Council
  • Verify and secure Borough “credit card”
  • Prepare invoices for all monies owed the Borough for expenses or reimbursements such as electric, sewer, water, utility pole, sign damages, rentals, leases, labor uniform and non uniform employees, professional fees such as engineers, and legal fees paid on their behalf by the Borough.
  • Responsible for managing and directing the finances of the Borough to ensure proper investments of all municipal funds and seeking rates favorable to the Borough under direction of Council
  • Make certain all rules followed for municipal bidding limits
  • Keep current inventory of Borough assets showing real property of Borough.  Publish all notices, ordinances or other documents required by law to be published and to prepare or cause to be prepared reports required.
  • Custody of all municipal records required to be kept by Borough archives
  • Keep maps indicating location of utilities, streets, public properties etc in coordination with Superintendent of Borough. Following PA rules for Archives.
  • Completing grant applications and procurement after directed by Council and auditing of all documents until close out of grant requirements.
  • Serve as Right To Know Officer
  • Secure permitting for Banner and Road Closures from PennDOT
  • Confirm reports being filed for Water Allocation Report, Dept of Energy Report, Chapter 94 sewer reports and DEP Permit for Borough operations of utilities.
  • Serve as Flood Plain Management Officer
  • Research up to date information on current issues facing Borough, its residents, its employees which at times will require attendance at training seminars approved by Council. Such as Pennsylvania Municipal Electric Association, Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs, American Municipal Power, DCNR, DEP, Penn Department of Transportation, and scheduled meetings of Lawrence County
  • Member of PA State Association of Boroughs
  • Member of PA Borough Management Caucus
  • Member PA Municipal League
  • Member PA Municipal Electric Association
  • Perform other duties as delegated by Council
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