Permits and Zoning

Zoning Map

Zoning permits may be picked up at the Borough Building – 134 High Street

For zoning questions, please contact the zoning officer – James Farris   724-944-6340

UCC building permits are also obtained at the Borough Building. 

The contacts for UCC:

PCI, Inc. @ 1-724-714-8364 (Tim Keller)

Code.Sys @ 1-877-821-0337 ext. 15 (Everett Bleakney) 


Code of the Borough of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania- Lawrence County

Our complete Borough Code of Ordinances is available online here. Please note that there is some time lag between code changes enacted by the Borough and their publication online. Please consult the Borough office for the latest code information.



If you would like to apply for one of the following permits, you may pick up an application at the Borough Office, located at 134 High Street, New Wilmington or by emailing our office for more information at

  • Please review our CODE online here.
  • Demolition-Removal Permit Requirements for Demolition-Removal
    • Sign Permit Requirements for Signs
  • Temporary Structures and Portable Toilet Facilities
    • Requirements for Tempory Structures and Portable Toilets
  • Application for appeal
  • Fireworks Permit Application


To obtain a zoning certificate application, please stop by the Borough Office, located at 134 High Street, New Wilmington.

Application Processing Instructions: Payments must be included with the application to be processed. If you are applying for a Demolition permit, please include payment, proof of insurance, and performance bonds.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Basic Zoning Certificate: $35.00
  • New homes or residential structures
    • under 1,000 sq. ft.:    $50.00
    • over 1,000 sq. ft.:      $75.00
  • New commercial or industrial
    • up to 5,000 sq. ft.:   $75.00
    • 5,001 ~ 20,000 sq. ft.: $125.00
    • over 20,000 sq. ft.: $275.00
  • Demolition Permit:   $25.00
  • Short Form Permit: (use change): $20.00
  • Sign Permit: $25.00

Appeal, Special Exception or Variance 

  • Application for Appeal, Special Exception or Variance – Hearing fee: $300.00

Requirements: Until the Zoning Officer has issued a zoning certificate, applicable thereto, no person shall:

  • Occupy or use any vacant land.
  • Occupy or use any structure hereafter constructed, reconstructed, moved, altered or enlarged.
  • Change the use of a structure or land to a different use.
  • Change a nonconforming use.

Expiration of zoning certificate: The zoning certificate shall expire twelve months from the date of its issuance.

Application and fees. Each applicant for a zoning certificate application shall present with the application a plan of the property showing, clearly and completely, the location, dimensions and nature of any structure involved and such other information as the Zoning Officer may require so as to comply with this chapter, together with a filing fee in accordance with the schedule of the same as fixed annually by Borough Council.

Records. The Zoning Officer shall maintain a permanent file of all zoning certificates and applications as public records.

The Code is updated every six months – delays are due to publication