New Wilmington Borough Ordinance Chapter 151, House Number Signs, requires the primary residential or commercial structure on all lots in the Borough to prominently display the assigned U.S. Postal Service house number or address designation via sign.  In addition to mail service, this requirement is principally to aid medical, fire and police first responders in finding the right address in a timely manner in an emergency.  At least 200 properties to date have been identified as not being in full compliance with Chapter 151, Part 3, Display of Sign.  Many of the noncompliant properties have signs that are missing, not in conformance with sign specifications, or not clearly visible from the street.

The sign shall be a minimum of six inches by 12 inches in size and have a black background with reflective silver Arabic numerals no smaller than four inches in size.  The number sign shall be attached to the immediate left or right side of the door located on the primary structure facing the street.  If the sign cannot be clearly visible from the street, the sign may be placed on a post or other monument in the yard of the primary structure that is clearly visible from the street.  If a secondary entrance is commonly used on the main entrance, the secondary entrance must also be posted with a number sign.  A letter or number designating an apartment or rental unit in the same structure should also be used in addition to the residential or commercial property number.   Residents are also responsible to make sure their address sign remains unobstructed (i.e. not blocked by shrubs/bushes, parked vehicles, decorations, etc.).

The Borough respectfully requests residents and business members fully comply with the sign ordinance by fixing any deficiencies with your house number or address designation sign so public safety services can provide quick and accurate response to any emergency need.  Remember, your properly displayed house number sign also partly helps us find your neighbors’ addresses quicker.  Please contact the Borough Office or Police Department should you have any questions or concerns.

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