Public Service Announcement:

As a result of the hailstorm on April 14, roofing contractors are soliciting repairs in the New Wilmington area.   Protect yourself from an unscrupulous contractor by doing the following:

  1.  Ensure the contractor is registered with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General (OAG).  You can check by calling 1-888-520-6680 or online at
  2.  Ensure any contractor soliciting door to door for work has a New Wilmington Police Department Transient Business License.
  3.  Out-of-State contractors must also be registered with the PA OAG and the PA Department of State.
  4.  Consider getting quotes from other contractors to compare cost and quality/quantity of work.
  5.  Get a written contract (with cost amount, down payment amount, detailed description of what is to be done, start/completion dates, etc.)
  6.  Do not pay the full amount in advance and get a receipt for your down payment.
  7.  Get a copy of the contractor’s proof of liability insurance / workers compensation insurance.
  8.  The New Wilmington Police Department (NWPD) conducts limited vetting when it issues a transient business license to roofing contractors soliciting door to door.  Do   your own research before entering into a contract/agreement.  Ask for references.  Check out the contractor with the Better Business Bureau too.
  9. Some examples of Home Improvement Fraud include a contractor, with intent to defraud or injure, making false or misleading statements to get the contract, taking advanced money and not doing the job, and altering a contract without your consent.  Most contractors are fair businesspeople but not all.  A contractor doing shoddy work may not constitute fraud.  A poorly done job may have to be resolved in a civil court.  Again, do your research before hiring any contractor.
  10. Check out Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act for more information.
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